Why does your website need an IDX?
See how important it is and what benefits it has

Being a real estate agent is not easy. You have to tackle various factors among which, the most crucial one is the audience! The world is so rapidly catching development and advancement, that to keep pace with it you are supposed to present some extraordinary stuff. So, to acquire it, you need to do something more than to mention only multi-listing. What factor can assist you to do it successfully?

The answer is IDX- Internet Data exchange. IDX is a procedure through which agents can expand their businesses. It produces homebuyers who can see all property listings while sitting at their place. Research says that more than 90% of property buyers feel it more comfortable to check all categories of homes online.

Now to know about how to use IDX and make it work for your website development, see the info given below

How can IDX rank your website?

If you are having an IDX WordPress website, you can display all business categories there to get your website rank on the top of Google. It means as you are giving a small input and then relaxing by putting all on someone. Moreover, Internet Data Exchange enables us to put listings on other websites. So, have these all benefits of using IDX.

Catch the leads

IDX helps brokers to get maximum and higher leads with better efficiency. Through IDX, real estate agents can easily get to know what they need to do to capture their target and potential audience. The IDX offers a plugin that can give you an understanding of the specific interests of visitors. In addition to it, IDX can send email alerts to your website visitors whenever there are new comings and updates about your business to keep them updated. That leads will also provide great support to real estate agents to become proficient in communication with each of their clients

Blend of social media

Like any other platform, the real estate industry has complete access to all social media forums. By using IDX, you can combine the content of your website in a spectacular manner and site detailed pages on it. IDX makes simple content more fascinating and connects to the public. It broadcasts every content in such a way that not only people get attracted by it and hire your company but also refer your website to their friends and family. It also presents different features by which you can share your content more.

Functional Design

As it has become a core fact that the majority of the home buyers conduct an online search to see house listings, but they also go for other searches as well. By using IDX, you can get more response to your site. Now what kind of betterment IDX can make in response? It works the way that whenever a client visits your website, he can zoom in the listed pictures, screenshot, and save them. Also, he can copy and save the content from your page (for his ease).

SEO friendly

One of the major benefits of using IDX for your real estate website is that it offers a complete search-engine- friendly feature. Which means it makes your site look different and indexable so that whenever someone searches for a particular home, your page always comes on the top. It puts your website on the top no matter if the search engine is either Bing or Google. Furthermore, it builds backlinks for your website that is so important in separating business from the crowd of others.


Beauty is an expression and IDX knows how to spot it right! Your website becomes eye-catching and wonderful by utilizing IDX. It presents a lovely map search for your site that people will for sure appreciate. It can make the gallery of home pictures look amazing. Imagine such a big amount of brokers and agents are there in the market so what makes you different from them? This software can create great leads for your commerce.

As now we have learned in detail the benefits and features that someone can attain by using IDX, let’s have a look at which points need to be consider before choosing the IDX plugin


You know not all of the real estate IDX is the same. What makes the contrast in them includes several factors from which the top-most is their reliability. So, always select the more reliable IDX.

As all agents need an IDX that can pull their information without the risk of crashing data. This is an important point because a greater volume of listing is there on your site and you cannot afford to lose it. The feature that a good IDX provides is faster speed because it prevents you and your customers from the irritation of streaming. Plus your IDX should be effective so that it must not consist of any meaningless data in it.

Be at organic

There are three types of IDX options: Organic, the subdomains, and the framing. The most recommended and advisable are the second and third one because they can lower down your monetary expense spent on IDX. This is not the only case that if a web developer is having outdated tools, then he can go with these two types. However, good things require some investment so if you want your real estate profile works well, subdomains and framing are not an appropriate choice. It is because it slows down your website and search engines can also lose their reading over this. They cannot then make leads for you and your website cannot stay visible longer.

Terms of payment

Do not rely on a slight reading of terms. Rather give a detailed reading to each term mentioned in your IDX payment slip. This is due to save yourself from a future dispute as some scams occur and owners back off from their decided amount. Someone can offer more to grab your attention and then he can just say no to his commitment. Many people have been seen offering at less prices but later they disappear.

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