Web development
web dev

Web Development

Coding Agents develop distinctive and highly realistic websites for your business to make it more interactive and user friendly. We seek to provide you with customized high quality websites that are more mobile responsive, consistent, reflective and comply with search engines. Our highly proficient and experienced team knows how important our client is. We develop unique websites subjected to our client’s requirement. Our team considers client’s vision and requirements in its development process to fulfill the project goals.

Responsive Website Development

Coding Agents develop Highly Responsive Websites to keep your viewers engaged with it. According to Google, a website can lose 60% of its traffic due to its unresponsiveness and buzzing. Coding Agents here provide you with buzz interactive and web responsive websites to generate more leads for you.

Customized Website Development

We develop secure, highly functional, accessible and appealing websites, entirely subjected to your interest. Our services allow you to cater different leading industry’s uprights that help you to promote your brand identity.

Web Development Services

  • Wordpress
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Shopify
  • CMS Development
  • Prototyping
  • API Development Services
  • E-commerce Website Development

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Coding Agents provide you the professional WordPress design and development services. We focus on the complexities and requirements for each project. We provide you premium WordPress design & development solutions within the decided time span. Coding Agents create secure websites perfectly aligned with your business requirements.

Frontend Development

Coding Agents understand your business needs and provide you the top-notch services by utilizing the best Frontend development technologies and practices. Our goal is to provide you the intuitive user experience together with the latest trends, technologies, designs creativity and usability.

Backend Development

Coding Agents provide you with excellent backend development services to make a vital contribution to your business. We develop to provide the exceptional user experience complying with market needs for the rapid growth of your business.


Coding Agents can gratify all your Shopify needs by providing our excellent assistance. We can help you in managing your budget and in customizing your themes exactly according to your requirements, regardless of their complexity. Our experienced Shopify developers and designers provide you their exceptional support & services in theme customization, theme development, product customization and web designing.

CMS Development

Are you facing hurdles in web content management? Coding Agents are here to develop CMS-backed websites for you to provide you a user-friendly interface. Our CMS-backed user-friendly website allows you to create, update and modify your content without any usage of complex coding. You can also develop some more effective features with these websites, according to your interests. Our core purpose is to make this digital world easily accessible and utilizable for every user.


Do you want to test your design ideas before implementation? Coding Agents here provide you the precise prototypes of your web-development projects to evaluate your design and to increase precision. Our experienced designers create porotypes with rudimentary representation, precision and high functionality.

API Development Services

Our experts create highly saleable and intelligent APIs to support web solutions in an open web world.

E-commerce Website Development

Coding Agents help you in growing your business by creating your strong online identity. We create e-commerce website to promote your business in the e-commerce industry.